Here is a story about me at the zoo. Daddy wrote it for me, drew the pictures, and made a book. Only a couple pictures are here, but you can read the entire story. It's called...

Jem's Zoo Day

After a bright summer day at the zoo with Daddy, Jem enjoyed a bottle while riding in his stroller. He closed his eyes and thought about all the funny animals he had seen.

All of a sudden, Jem realized that his bottle was missing (Oh no!). And Daddy was nowhere to be found (Oh dear!). He climbed out of his stroller, plomped down upon the ground, and cried.

Just then, Jem felt a tickle on his head.

"What's the matter?" asked the tickle.

"I lost my Daddy and my bottle" Jem sniffled.

"Don't cry, we'll help you find them."

Jem's head was suddenly covered with tickles as he felt himself getting lighter and lighter. The tickles flew him Here, but saw no Daddy. Then they searched There, but found no bottle.

"We're sorry we help couldn't find anything," the tickles said, "but we know someone who may" .

They floated Jem down and introduced him to their friend who looked an awful lot like a hose.

"How can I help you?" asked the hose.

Jem said, "I lost my daddy and my bottle."


Way up over everything Jem went. He and the hose saw nothing. Way down under everything went Jem, but still no daddy or bottle.

"I'm so sorry that we didn't find anything, but maybe my friends can help," explained the hose as Jem waved goodbye.

Jem saw a bunch of glittering things. He told them, "I can't find my daddy and my bottle."

Without a word, the glittering swirled around Jem and swept him off.They swirled around and around and around and around and around, but caught no sight of Jem's Daddy or bottle. And still Jem went around and around until he landed on his bottom... plop!

Jem was staring at a funny looking "Blat!"

He asked, "Can you help find my Daddy and bottle?"

"Blat! Blat!" it called as a herd of "Blats!" tromped by and carried Jem away.

"Whee!" shouted Jem.

"Blat! Blat! Blaaat!" cried the herd as they looked for Jem's Daddy and bottle. Up and down and up and down Jem rode, but still no luck. Then once again... plop! Jem landed on the ground as the "Blats!" went galloping away. Will Jem ever find his daddy and his bottle?

"Grumph" said a fuzzy, "What's wrong?"

Jem explained, "I lost my Daddy and my bottle. I've looked here and there. I looked over and I looked under. I looked all around and around and around and I looked up and down and up and down but no Daddy and no bottle"

"Well," thought the fuzzy (who, luckily for Jem, happened to be a very wise old fuzzy), "you just need to go back to where you last saw them."

"Go back?" asked Jem, "How do I do that?"

The fuzzy placed Jem upon his back and started bouncing back. Bounce, bounce, bounce. Back, back, back. Jem was getting quite a ride!Then, all of a sudden, Jem bounced right back into his stroller!

And do you know what? Jem had NOT lost his Daddy. And he had NOT lost his bottle, either! He was just asleep the whole time! Jem hugged his bottle and smiled up at Daddy, who smiled back down at Jem. He was one happy baby!


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